Beach Buzz

I recently spent a fun day at the beach with my husband in Santa Monica. We’ve been going almost once every week for a nice swim in the sea. It’s November and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we are in Southern California so I guess the lack of Fall weather is to be expected sometimes.

We always make a point to stop at  the Ye Old King’s Head. It’s a British Pub and Restaurant about two blocks from the beach. We order a Queen size traditional English breakfast consisting of tea, fried bread, 2 eggs, 1 bacon, 1 banger (sausage), English baked beans and a grilled tomato. O, and lets not forget about grabbing some sausage rolls and Digestives to go!

On this particular day my husband and I were walking out of the sea and he found a dead honey bee washed up on the sand. Of course I grabbed my handy ziploc container I carry with me and scooped the bee up. I then took a walk along the beach to see what else I could find if anything. I ended up with sixteen dead honey bees in the end! I was pretty excited but left with the question of why there were so many dead bees on the shoreline.

Here’s an article explaining some possible reasons.

So I had to make something with all of these bees. I thought about a bee burial diorama but decided upon a Victorian inspired piece instead. Hurry up and pollinate those flowers!