Males and Parenting

Males are better at parenting. It’s true, well at least in Cockatiels.

Males are also better at whistling while female Cockatiels are more aggressive and likely to hiss and bite. Sound like anyone you know? Cockatiels are extremely social birds originating from Australia and have been known to live twenty-five years! Their clutch (eggs) is on average five to ten and if something happens to Mom the male Cockatiel is capable of raising the kids. They’re apparently better at it anyways, ha.

A cockatiel was my fifth bird to Taxidermy and I’m excited to say I think my best yet! I improved the neck, eyes and even the back on this one. I was really happy with how its wings fanned out in the end as well. This birds slightly bigger than any others I’ve worked on which made it easier to work with. It was really well feathered too and fluffed up great. I chose to position it in flight and used some tape, pins and string to keep things in position until dried.

I’m getting better slowly and it’s kind of addicting. I might become one of those crazy bird ladies?