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As It Should Be

All avian specimens are preserved to museum quality standards. Each nuance of the individual is studied and spirit captured in divine pose. Specimens are deaths not related to the art.

If You Had Wings

Where would they take you? Each bird here has flown their own personal journey and now awaits their final destination with you. Bring a part of the natural world into your space and spark the curiosity we all have inside us.

The Study
of Life


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Free Bird

As artist and founder of Flock Taxidermy, I've been working with the avian crowd since 2014. I'd like to think my heart is concordant with that of the song of birds. And if you ask anyone where I live, they'll point to the clouds and say, go all the way up.

The art of Taxidermy allows me to preserve a species into beautiful treasure that would otherwise be lost upon its death. I take time to quietly listen to every birds story, while learning, respecting and hoping to connect their great journey with you. I was taught the skilled craft by a Taxidermist on staff at The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. The time I spent working and volunteering at the museum is held dearly, where I educated guests in the hopes of fostering responsibility, respect and wonder for our natural world. I now volunteer at Wild Skies Raptor Center, in support of our moral obligation to protect and conserve our wildlife and natural resources for future generations through education and outreach programs.

May the natural world spark your curiosity, and mortality feed the fire.


Upwards and Onwards,